Playout Department.

Play Out Technology (General type II Telecommunications’ carrier A-09-2606)

We support many other features of platy out operations.
Like providing a wide variety of format conversions services for the source material, or carrying out simultaneous play out of a downlink from our Teleport and even Editing the material before Play out services.
We use of Automation Program Control machines and manually monitor our play out centre 24/7.

With the development of digital satellite broadcastingPlease use the know-how of our company that has been accumulated .


  • ・24/7 Monitering
  • ・Automation Program Control
  • ・Broadcaster Master Creation
  • ・Domestic & International Live broadcasts
  • ・Consulting
  • ・Translation of broadcasting material
  • ・Audio Video Processing
  • ・HD Playout
  • ・Sky Perfect , Cable &IP TV monitering
  • ・Live broadcast services
  • ・Archive Broadcast material
  • ・Billboard Playout support
  • ・Municipally managed events relay center