Aruji’s Data centre concept.


Providing cost efective solutions for AV content

Basically Datacenters were set up to house servers that managed vast amounts of billing and personal information along with other important data. Therefore our Data Centre has both physical security measures as well as Data protection via multiline security measures.(security,
Disaster recovery, data retrieval etc). These security measures are provided at a pay per line system
The use of conventional data centers for entertainment business is very expensive
However our DC dept provides cost effective solutions for your data centre needs. Our DC technological knowhow is based on Skyperfect’s methodology and provide competent services .With our present capacities we can even act as Business Incubators.
Please use our facilities and consult us for data centre needs.


Server:- Placement , management, housing etc.

Manned system, Housing space, UPS, back-up line, Temperature management...

We have the necessary technical expertise to managing and running Servers smoothly.
From constructing Financial Accounts servers to Creating carrier servers, we have a wide range of experience and provide a variety of services from entire system buildup to just housing your server.
Please consult with us on any of your Data centre requirements, so that our experts and technical team can provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Download server, E book site housing services, Hosting services for smart phone, Establish Core Housing, Call centre services related

Encoding Service

SD / HD Encoding using hardware encoder.

Supported codec’s:-· WMV , FLV,MP4,MPEG2 etc  (ARIB compliant encoder used )
Independent Administrative agency projects, Broadcast material For Act Villa, Taiwan CATV material, Promotional material for CS & IPTV

Supported codec’s

  • ・VC-1(WMV)
  • ・MPEG1
  • ・MPEG2
  • ・H264
  • ・FLASH (on2vp 6included)
  • ・Various - AVI (including Canopus))
  • ・Various – TS,
  • ・SDI HD-SDI (uncompressing supported)
  • ・SDI HD-SDI (uncompressing supported)

Supported Formats

  • ・DVD
  • ・DVCAM
  • ・DVCpro
  • ・Beta Cam
  • ・Digital Beta cam
  • ・D2
  • ・HDV
  • ・XDCAM
  • ・HDCAM
  • ・8mm, 16mm, 35mmFilm
  • ・Others


  • ・more than 10 Japanese Encoders

Encoding with editing

Corresponding to professional video processing work

Edit accompanying encoding

  • ・Thumbnail creation
  • ・Cutting Movie data
  • ・List creation
  • ・ Content creation and testimonials
  • ・DVD Authoring (including BD)
  • ・Adjustment work for various encoding

Pre processing

  • ・video editing for preview
  • ・Color
  • ・Tone
  • ・Para deletion from film
  • ・We maintain the quality of work while reducing the costs by cooperating with our editoring department